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Cleaning your drive is not easy. It isn’t a task that you can do anytime as weather conditions need to be favourable for you to be able to work. Furthermore, it can be a very tedious task – one that may require vigorous scrubbing, especially if stains are present.

Difficult as it may be, cleaning your driveway regularly is necessary. When you don’t do so, it is going to look unappealing because of the dirt, grime, stains and weeds on it.

Furthermore, not cleaning it can shorten its lifespan. For example, when weeds are allowed to grow, their roots are going to cause cracks to become bigger.

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kill Unsightly Weeds & Mold


Weeds growing between patio pavers, mold, mildew, moss, and other such contaminants are more than unsightly; mold especially can mean a very unhealthy outdoor environment! Garden hoses are insufficient for blasting away these bothersome materials from exterior stone, brick, and concrete. A garden hose can do little to actually kill mould spores as well as preventing growing moss and mildew.

Mold, moss, and other such growth might also require a bit of scrubbing for complete and thorough removal. However, too much pressure with a power washing wand and the wrong scrub brush can mean dislodging those stones or scraping away their sealant.

If your outdoor spaces are covered with unsightly weeds, mold, and other such contaminants, it’s time to give RH Power Washing a call to ensure the job gets done right without damaging pavers and concrete.


Power Washing Dublin

Restore Your Driveway's Colour

Has your patio become dull, dirty looking and gray? If so, don’t replace them just yet! Your patio might simply be covered with dirt, dried dust, soot, sand, and other debris, and a thorough power washing can bring them back to life.

Take a look at our before-and-after photos of patio cleaning in Dublin, and consider if your home’s outdoor spaces resemble those “before” shots. A thorough power washing can be the solution needed to bring back those rich brick and natural stone colours in your patio and make your outdoor patio look like new again.

Selling your propery? First Impressions Count!

If you are selling your home you might wonder why you should invest in patio or driveway power washing but it's important to note that potential buyers are attracted to homes that look clean and pristine, and well-maintained and first impressions mean everything to potential buyers. A dirty exterior or driveway, can give the impression that the home itself has been neglected and might need cleaning and repairs.

Proper, efficient patio and driveway power washing by RH Power Washing can also remove bothersome mold and mildew, as said. A potential buyer with allergies or sensitivities is not likely to want a house that needs a thorough cleaning before they can even step into their new outdoor space! To attract as many buyers as possible, and avoid losing potential buyers, schedule a driveway power washing in Dublin before calling an estate agent  or having an open viewing of your house.

multicolored and different size spots from car oil on the asphalt road, close-up in the parking lot

Remove Driveway Stains

Never overlook or ignore stains on your patio or driveway. Motor oil and other fluids from your car are especially corrosive, breaking down binders in concrete and asphalt. If left unchecked, grass stains and other discoloration can also become permanent!

Rinsing off your patio and driveway with a garden hose won’t remove ground-in stains or corrosive substances. A correct and efficient driveway power wash is the most effective means of removing those materials and ensuring a clean space protected from long-term damage.

Re-Sanding Cobblelock

Power washing will remove some of the sand between the cobble locks due to the washing process and moss/weeds/dirt that have rooted in the sand.  This sand needs to be replaced.  It’s is a special sand called Kiln Dried Sand as it is a very fine sand that contains no moisture.

The cobble locks are wet after cleaning so generally the Kiln Dried sand is applied on another day once the blocks are dry.  This could be the following day in the summer but may take a few weeks at other times of the year.  It is all weather dependent.

The cost of re-sanding varies, depending on the cost of the Kiln dried sand which fluctuates hugely and the size of the driveway.  Please ask for pricing when requesting a quote.

The process is straight forward as the sand is simply swept between the cobble locks and the excess blower off with a powered blower.

re-sanding driveway

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My experience with RH Power Washing was nothing less than excellent. Russell was able to accommodate my schedule, showed up when he said he would and his pricing was excellent. I plan use his business on a yearly basis now to help keep my driveway looking great.

Sean McGary

Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Outstanding service and a great price, make for an excellent experience! Russell is very responsive and was able to perform the work the next day after initial contact. Our house and roof look fresh and clean. We've already told three other people about RH Power Washing. It was a pleasure doing business with them. We'll definitely use their service, again.

Maria Nolan

Stillorgan, Co.Dublin

The house was in desperate need of cleaning, previous owners left lots of dirt and mildew accumulate on the drive and front of house. Russell and his crew did a great job. The difference is amazing! The house looks so much better now. Would definitely recommend them.

Barry Conlon

Raheny, Dublin

Would definitely use again. Excellent service, great price. Everything looks brand new. Went above and beyond. Quality service.

David Clarke

Clonsilla, Dublin

Russell is very professional. Him and his crew took pride in their work and did a great job cleaning my house and gutters. Everything looks brand new!!! Very easy to book the appointment.  If you are in need of power washing and gutter cleaning services look no further.