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Gutter Cleaning Prices

I’m often asked how much does gutter cleaning cost.  It really depends on the condition of the gutter and what needs to be removed.  Typically, a house will cost €150 for front and back gutters.


Usually there is foliage in gutters and gutter cleaning prices can vary if Grass, Moss, Plants are growing.  The question of how much does gutter cleaning cost really varies on the amount of cleaning.  Like anything in life if you're to clean your house or your car it varies on how much work is to be done but as per above typically €150 for house front and back and €5 per linear meter thereafter.


The cost of gutter cleaning should not be seen as something extra.  It should be part of annual maintenance. Generally, people think of gutter cleaning cost because it occurs when it is too late.  The gutter has fallen, has rotted or is overflowing.


Unfortunately, when gutters overflow, they generally dis-colour the render or plaster.  At worst, the water can ingress beyond render, or plaster and a house becomes damp inside. External marks require cleaning with our power wash system or soft wash system. Generally, when this occurs the gutter may need some repair.  We often find that the down pipe is not blocked but the weight of the debris in the gutter has caused it to bow at certain points.


Another thing that can vary the gutter cleaning prices are actual access to the gutter. Sometimes the slates or roofing material can ingress beyond the center point of the gutter making it exceptionally difficult to clean the gutter with our vacuum system. Luckily, we have a number of attachments that we can use when this occurs. The cost of gutter cleaning in this case may increase as it will take a lot longer to clean the gutter.


So back to the original question of how much does gutter cleaning cost , it all depends on what is to be cleaned, the type of gutter and access. If you'd like to know more about gutter cleaning prices, please pop through a couple of pictures via email or WhatsApp 087-6089310 and we can give you an estimate of the cost of gutter cleaning over the phone.  Alternatively, we can pop out and get eyes on your gutter.  Gutter cleaning prices are standard throughout the city and the County. Sometimes we require a parking permit in the city and we would ask our customers to organize that for us to keep gutter cleaning prices as low as possible.

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