Gutter Cleaning Services

In preparation for this season we enter the mode of Spring Cleaning, often finding ourselves decluttering each cupboard inside the house and armed with cleaning solutions to make us feel house proud. However how often does our cleaning efforts expand to the outsides of our homes – especially where the structure and aesthetics of our properties are concerned?

Now that the brighter days are among us, we do anticipate that we will be spending more time outdoors. You may be like us and wanting to get your BBQs prepared for the patio or tidy your garden with freshly laid flower beds and to enjoy the spring air; these are the moments we want to soak in and to embrace.

At RH Power Washing we want you to maximise your outdoor space and ensure you the exterior of your home is protected.  With the Winter season now behind us, fallen leaves and debris can leave our outside areas untidy and most importantly can affect the functioning of gutter systems.

Often gutter cleaning can be overlooked by many homeowners, however if not maintained this can lead to damages and costly repairs including:

  • Damages to the foundations of a house
  • Dirty rainwater causing mould to the exterior walls, leaving behind stains
  • Breakages to the gutter, caused by excess weight

How can you tell if you have a clogged gutter system and if it is a priority to clean? Here are some things to look out for:

  • A puddle at the bottom of the spout
  • Water running down the exterior walls of the property
  • Properties surrounded in mature trees are of greater risk for fallen leaves
  • Overgrown moss or debris is visible in the gutters

Whilst the DIY among you may feel confident in cleaning your own gutters - if you have a ladder that expands high enough, you may be asking, why not?  - it is vital that this is left to the professionals. We are fully insured and offer safe solutions with our gutter vacuum and clean out gutters without the use of scaffolding or any ladders!

At RH we use a carbon fibre vacuum system that is fit for the purpose of removing tough dirt and debris. This method is more effective and cleaner than a standard garden hose and our professionals ensure that no residue is left on the exterior walls or cause any damage to windows with our soft wash pressure.

If you spot any gutter problems in your property or have recently moved into a new house and would like a check-up and clean we can save you the time and expense in protecting your home.

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