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Gutter Cleaning Tools

Gutter cleaning tools are used to remove foliage, roots, moss, grass and even plants from gutters. Gutter cleaning systems vary hugely, some people use ladders and scrapers however this carries a massive liability for the homeowner and should be avoided at all costs. The more modern gutter cleaning systems use gutter cleaning vacuums to remove debris from the gutter. This removes the liability and risk from working off ladders or scaffolding . It is the preferred modern method for cleaning all gutters and is the gutter cleaning tools for 2 story houses as well.


At RH Cleaning Services we have the most modern gutter cleaning tools which consist of a gutter cleaning vacuum with 3 large motors, aerospace aluminum poles which are exceptionally light, rigid and strong.  Our gutter cleaning system has specially shaped swan-neck adapters that can reach into gutters from the ground.  Allied to this we have high reach camera systems so the operator can see exactly what he is dealing with and how the cleaning process is progressing.


Gutter cleaning tools have progressed massively over the years due to customer concerns over the high risk when working off ladders.  Our Aerospace Aluminum Poles join together to create a telescopic gutter cleaning tool that can reach up to 4 stories in height.  No other gutter cleaning system even comes close it to.  This highly effective gutter cleaning vacuum is a fraction of the gutter cleaning cost of previous systems which required cherry-pickers, mobile towers, vehicles hoists, etc. These are all hugely expensive to hire and require specialist training.


Gutter cleaning tools for Single Story buildings and gutter cleaning tools for 2 story houses should always use a gutter cleaning vacuum system. As per the above it eliminates the risk to the homeowner’s insurance and shows that the company using the gutter cleaning tools are modern and progressive in their thought process. In our modern times nobody should be cleaning gutters while working off ladders or scaffolding. Please call RH Cleaning Services on 087 608-9310 for further information on our gutter cleaning systems incorporating gutter cleaning vacuum and the most modern gutter cleaning tools


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