Hot V’s Cold Water in Power Washing

There is a lot to factor in when pressure washing. It’s not just a simple cleaning process. There’s a reason for every step and every method and material used.

This is why it's so important to book with an experienced Power Washing company like RH Power Washing. Doing a DIY job might give you the impression of lower costs. But if you are unable to do it the right way, it only leads to wasted time, money, effort, and water.

Temperature Is Important in Power Washing


Using Cold Water in Power Washing

A Cold water power wash is Ideal for cleaning dirt and grime off surfaces and from concrete driveways. The pressurised water from our machines produces enough power to break up any dirt on a surface and is effective to rinsing away dirt and mud. We also use a detergent to the mix to wash surfaces more effectively.

In addition, cold water power washing is our preferred method for some surfaces like wood or plastics that may warp under high temperatures. A lot of our work is used using cold-water power washing, the only weakness of a cold-water power wash is its inability to clean oil and grease as effectively as a hot water.

Using Hot Water in Power Washing

Notice how hot water is used in your washing machine and in a carwash? And you would always clean your dishes with hot water right? The reason is, hot water is a more powerful choice than cold water and can sometimes even be used without the help of chemical cleaners.

A greasy or oily surface are great examples of areas when hot water will be more affective to use compared to cold water. Hot water breaks down grease and oil, while cold water causes or fats and grease to solidify. It breaks down the bonds that exist on a molecular level in oil and grease and can rid surfaces of bacteria, algae and other things more effectively due to the heat they distribute. Once the fats have broken down, it’s a lot easier to clean and rinse. The hotter the water is, the more effective it can also be - Now combine hot water with high pressure/power and you have a winning combination.

At RH Power Washing, our experienced team when to judge when hot water will be more effective.

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