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How Much Does it Cost to Get Gutters Cleaned

It’s essential to keep your property’s gutters clean so water doesn’t find its way into places where it shouldn’t be. A gutter’s job is to collect rainwater from the roof and channel it away from the house to a main surface water drain. If you don’t take care of the guttering and downpipes, then water will overflow and find its way into the house or on the foundations, causing damage. 

Even if you can clean your own gutters, it’s worthwhile finding a contractor. The cost of cleaning gutters per metre is about €10 to €12 so, quite affordable to most people. Gutters are like anything else, they need cleaning and to be looked after. If not, they fill up with silt and moss and eventually overflow in heavy rain, often with disastrous results. Dirty guttering makes your home look tatty anyway and should be regularly cleaned.

The total bill will primarily be influenced by the type and size of the house and therefore, the length of the guttering.

Gutter cleaning is dangerous work, so unless you have experience. we strongly recommend calling in the professionals. At RH Power Washing we use professional Gutter Vacuums to allow us to carry out gutter cleaning an effectively.

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