Power Washing Roof


Currently seeing a massive rise in popularity is our Roof Power Washing product, a service that will not only improve the curb appeal of your property, but can also help identify any issues with your roof which will need repairing or treating.

What is roof power washing?

If there was ever a housekeeping practice we would urge you to seek a professional for, it is roof power washing, the common misconception that power washing a roof is bad practice resulting in damaged tiles/shingles is only as true as the workforce carrying out the job- we have a proven track record of happy customers who have had their properties rejuvenated by a clean roof, carefully executed.

Being contracted directly by homeowners, property developers and as a contact for letting agents has allowed us to experience a spectrum of jobs on different areas of residence, from terraced houses needing Algae and Moss blasted off to new-build semi detached homes whose owners use our service as part of their consistent annual assessments of the property.

For example, we had been recommended to the Carroll family by one of their friends, they contacted us after winning a 2 bedroom terrace house at auction with the ambition of letting their daughter live in it whilst mildly renovating and awaiting a tenant to occupy. This job started with a restoration objective to clean the roof, in line with work being carried out on the interior of the property, however with the curb appeal enhanced after removing decades of debris and dirt, it became evident that a large number of tiles were no longer fit for purpose with the years of growth masking the issue- something that could compromise the entire roof and all the hard work going on inside. RH Power Washing uncovered this issue while on the job, the Carrolls inevitably saved money through prevention of further wear...all whilst getting a beautifully clean roof! Our customers like the Carrolls have seen the value in our service, they got a great clean roof but also experience which factored into identifying what could be a problem which would have a ripple effect on their home insurance and as an absolute worst case scenario- the physical integrity of their roof.