driveway clean in dublin

Powerwashing Dublin

Miriam was referred to us by her local estate agent. Miriam is putting her house on the market for sale and it was recommended by the auctioneer to contact us for power washing as this can significantly increase the chances of a sale and in some cases increase the value of the property.

Buyers are attracted to homes that look clean and well-maintained and first impressions mean everything to potential buyers. A dirty exterior or driveway, can give the impression that the house  itself has been neglected and might need cleaning and repairs.

We popped out to Miriam the day after her initial call to us and she explained what she was looking for. We advised that she get her driveway powerwahed, front of house cleaned and gutters and soffits cleaned. Our experts advised Miriam that this would make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the house.

We got started the next day and within 2 hours the house was sparkling and ready to be viewed by potential buyers.

Are you putting your house on the market? To attract as many buyers as possible, and avoid losing potential buyers, schedule a driveway powerwashing in  Dublin by RH Power Washing before calling an estate agent  or having an open viewing of your house. Call us today for your free quote.