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Softwashing is a external cleaning solution for cleaning buildings, roofs, and exteriors without potentially damaging high-pressure.  It is long-lasting and safe for the environment.


  • All organic spores and growths are killed
  • Less water would be used
  • Results last longer
  • Can be more cost effective
  • Less likelihood of surface damage
  • Very little noise or disturbance during cleaning
  • All organic spores and growths are killed
  • Less water would be used

What is softwashing?

Softwashing is the process of cleaning external hard surfaces to remove organic growth using cleaning solutions applied under low pressure instead of using potentially damaging high pressure or jet washing. It can be used equally on commercial or residential property, the process and theory are exactly the same.

Each surface to be cleaned will be individually assessed to determine the amount and type of biological growth that is present. A personalised batch of cleaning solution will then be created and applied to the surface. This can simply be sprayed on or sometimes a soft bristled brush is used to agitate the solution into the surface which will assist the cleaning process. This will be left to work, killing all biological contaminants. The surface will then be rinsed with clean water if required.

Types of Organic Growth

Over time every hard surface, especially those that are outside and exposed to the elements can suffer with contamination from biological sources. These can have a negative effect on the appearance of the surface as well as decreasing the life expectancy of the surface.

The type of organic growth can vary but could include any one or more of the following…

Black fungus (amongst others), red algae, green algae, moss, lichen and black spot mould (otherwise known as mildew). There are many other types of organic growth but the above are the most prevalent in the Ireland with our mild, damp and overcast weather.

What Surfaces Can Be Cleaned Using Softwashing?

Pretty much every hard external surface can be cleaned using the softwashing method including… rendered walls, brick walls, roofs, natural stone slabs, block paving, timber decking, fences, stone, tarmac, concrete etc. So long as the surface has some sort of organic growth it can be treated and cleaned using softwashing.

Power Washing Roof

Softwashing Eliminates..



Mosses are small, non-vascular flowerless plants that typically form dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations.


power washing dublin


Moulds live off organic material and don’t need light to grow. They appear as spots or patches in grey, green, brown or black.

Black Spot Removal


Lichens & mosses feed on minerals & require light to grow. Lichens look like leathery incrustations on the surface. Mosses are usually green cushions/tufts.


Algae growth can appear as green red or brown areas of powdery deposits that may be slimy under wet conditions.



In many cases, it should be done on a yearly basis - often during the start of the spring season to remove autumn and winter foliage left unchecked. If a patio is in heavily shaded areas, or is often wet by storms or receives runoff, the patio may require more cleaning.

Soft washing is a low pressure cleaning process commonly used to safely treat and remove organic matter: mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss, lichens in addition to dirt, grime and spiderwebs. Soft washing originated as a less abrasive option to power washing where high pressure can cause damages. And the cleaning effects of soft washing treatment last up to 6 x longer than those achieved through pressure washing alone.

Absolutely not! Not only are our treatment formulations 100% organic, water-based and biodegradable, we have been thoroughly trained on “best practices” for safely and effectively applying those formulations within any treatment environment. Additionally, we have products designed specifically for protecting and buffering all of your landscaping against any possible damage. Every one of our treatment options is perfectly safe for plants, people and pets.

You will need Soft Washing if the roof, the walls, the gutters , the driveway or hard scapes in your garden have any discoloration, streaking, staining, blotchy dark areas or just even general dullness and greying. 

Because we have killed all the algae spores and bacteria that were previously thriving on your property it will not technically be re-growth, it will be new growth. But over time, even with the 100% kill ratio and the buffering against new growth…it  will happen. In most cases, and depending on environmental influences and amount of sunlight, you could see new growth in as little as 3 years, or it could be well over 5 years before having to deal with any of this again.


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