Driveway Power Washing

Suppose you’re a house-proud person who enjoys their property looking tidy and welcoming. The amount of dirt and growth on your driveway can be extremely annoying, which is why Power Washing can be a great way to get it back on track and looking exactly how you want it.

Power Washing your driveway is more than using a power washer and aimlessly spraying your driveway until it looks clean. There’s a lot of different elements that you need to watch out for, namely the amount of pressure you’re using-if you use too much you can damage the drive and if you use too little, it won’t get you the finish you desire.

That’s where we come in as experts within this field, with years of experience we’re guaranteed to get you the results you want. Not only do we have the knowledge and experience, but we also have all of the equipment to not only achieve your goals but to do so in an environmentally friendly way.

We have experienced every type of driveway through our years of working within the industry- cobbled, bricks and tarmac. So we know what is needed to make these drives look like brand new again.

We recently completed a project on the Lee’s semi-detached house, a tarmac drive that hadn’t been cleaned since they had moved in over seven years prior. Here at RH Powerwashing, we always make sure that we use the best chemicals that get an excellent finish but also have zero impact on the environment. This ensures that the driveway is treated properly with any signs of growth being removed and it will help to make sure that algae and moss do not reappear for at least 12 months.

Here at RH Powerwashing we take the pressure away from you by hiring us you’re guaranteeing safety of your own home, not having to buy a powerwasher, you won’t have to deal with any chemicals AND you are benefitting from our years of experience so we can fix any problems that you’ll have.

Have a look at the before and afters of the Lee’s drive, and you’ll see why our customers refer us on a regular basis. If you’d like to know how we can help you, please get in touch now.