Powerwashing Dublin

Miriam was referred to us by her local estate agent. Miriam is putting her house on the market for sale and it was recommended by the auctioneer to contact us for power washing as this can significantly increase the chances of a sale and in some cases increase the value of the property. Buyers are …

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Gutter Cleaning Services

In preparation for this season we enter the mode of Spring Cleaning, often finding ourselves decluttering each cupboard inside the house and armed with cleaning solutions to make us feel house proud. However how often does our cleaning efforts expand to the outsides of our homes – especially where the structure and aesthetics of our …

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Gutter Cleaning Tools

Gutter cleaning tools are used to remove foliage, roots, moss, grass and even plants from gutters. Gutter cleaning systems vary hugely, some people use ladders and scrapers however this carries a massive liability for the homeowner and should be avoided at all costs. The more modern gutter cleaning systems use gutter cleaning vacuums to remove …

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Gutter cleaning dublin

Gutter Cleaning Prices

I’m often asked how much does gutter cleaning cost.  It really depends on the condition of the gutter and what needs to be removed.  Typically, a house will cost €150 for front and back gutters.   Usually there is foliage in gutters and gutter cleaning prices can vary if Grass, Moss, Plants are growing.  The …

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What Does Home Power Washing Cost and Include?

Booking a regular Gutter clean with RH Power Washing is an excellent choice for ensuring gutters and downspouts are clean and clear and directing rainwater away from your home. However, you might consider some additional tips for keeping a home’s exterior clean and in good condition between gutter cleaning services! One vital consideration is regular …

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Hot V’s Cold Water in Power Washing

There is a lot to factor in when pressure washing. It’s not just a simple cleaning process. There’s a reason for every step and every method and material used. This is why it’s so important to book with an experienced Power Washing company like RH Power Washing. Doing a DIY job might give you the …

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