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Steps to cleaning your gutters in Autumn

We are officially in Autumn season and no other part of your house is susceptible to the conditions of autumn than your gutters. Leaves, twigs, rain, and low temperatures are locked and loaded and ready to put your gutter system to the test. With the first week of October on the way it’s time to officially prepare your gutters for the season.

5 Steps to Preparing Your Gutters For Autumn


1. Clean and Inspect

The first rule of the autumn season for your gutters  is clean and inspect. Unravel your garden hose one last time before it’s tucked into the garage until spring and flush out your gutters and downspouts. Give it a power washing and then put on your outdoor work gloves to pick up and wipe away any remaining debris. If it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned your gutters you will want to fill up a bucket with warm water and washing up liquid and wipe them down with a sturdy sponge. Only when your gutters have been thoroughly cleaned can you perform a proper inspection. The reason for the inspection is to check for loose brackets/screws, uneven sections, leaks, or any form of excessive wear and tear.

2. Repair Where Needed

Once you’ve cleaned and inspected your gutters you will have a good idea of where repair is essential. This can’t wait. Buy exact-fit brackets and screws and then replace and secure them where needed. If you’ve uncovered leaks, it may be possible to patch them. For good measure, clean the area surrounding the leak again, but this time using a wire brush and water, then scrub with an abrasive pad once it has dried. Apply plastic roofing cement over the hole while smoothing out the edges of the cement. If the repairs are significant enough that they have impacted the appearance of your gutters you can always paint them when on a mild day.

3. Keep Cold Weather Intruders from Nestling-In

Autumn doesn’t just bring falling leaves and rainfall, its cold snap sends rodents (mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons) packing for higher ground. The cozy beds presented by your gutters and downpipes exit points gives them a place to nest. Pay a visit to your local hardware for humane rodent repellent and check your gutters often through the season to ensure they are free from nesting intruders.

4. Install Gutter Guards

No matter how well you’ve trimmed your trees and raked the garden leaves will still find their way on to your roof. It’s what they do. If you don’t yet have them, autumn is prime time to finally install gutter guards. A gutter guard, is a fitted screen with pinpoints wide enough to allow rainwater to collect within and funnel through while preventing leaves and twigs from entering

5. When in Doubt – Call the experts

Your inspection, cleaning, and attempts at repair may have evidenced that your gutters need replacing in the near future. If that’s the case, then it may as well be now. Delaying the inevitable and waiting another year or two can spell big trouble. One harsh autumn storm could deal the final blow that results in significant gutter damage, damage that will impact your garden landscape, home exterior, and worse…the interior. The good news, is that you are entering the best season to take care of this.

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