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Timber decking, whilst looking great and being very functional does have a problem in that it can become very slippery during autumn & and winter months. Timber decking becomes very dirty and can generally look a little tired and unattractive quite quickly. This is caused by moss, algae, dirt and general weathering as well as spillages from things like a BBQ so it is very important that the area is cleaned to prevent this from happening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Power Washing will removed dirt and grime from the surface of decking. If you are looking to completely restore your wood decking you may need to use our Wood Sanding Service. After Power Washing, we would sand the wood decking. If you are looking to change the colour of your decking, we would apply a stain and after that we would seal the wood with a varnish or sealant of your choice. To more info on our sanding service please call us today on 087 6268100.

Yes, we would recommend this. The wood fibers of the deck often raise as they expand with water. Once dry, these wood fibers can often remain raised and may cause splinters. For this reason, we offer sanding for your wood deck after power washing and before staining and sealing. 


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